Axle Scales


Industrial Axle Scales are the most accurate means of weighing commercial trucks in places that cannot accommodate the area required for a full length truck scale.

Common uses are by freight companies, solid waste transfer stations, environmental cleanup, vehicle and manufacturers, quarries and mining operations to measure individual axle group (IAW) and gross vehicle weights (GVW).

Standard size is 30" wide x 84" long. Total capacity is 60,000 lbs. Flush mount pit frames and other sizes are available.

Please contact us at 800.881.9755 or to speak with our master scale technicians who can understand your specifications and create a weighing application to suit your needs


  • Check individual axle and gross vehicle weights at any location, no matter how remote
  • 1/4 the cost of an installed full length truck scale
  • Maintain safe and legal loads
  • Increase revenues by hauling maximum legal payloads every trip
  • Repairs and Service Contracts
  • Fully Qualified Technical Support
  • Worldwide Delivery