Aircraft Weighing




Helicopter and Aircraft Load Cell Systems

The IWS low profile Aircraft Weighing Pad is designed for fast, accurate weight and balance calculation of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Fully self-contained aircraft weighing platform that features a slim, low height design to allow easy access on and off the weigher. Fully electronic and powered by six AA size rechargeable batteries. Weight data is displayed on an easy to read alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD).


Aircraft Weighing Pad

Precision Wheel Weigher Systems provide fast accurate weight readings for a variety of light and medium applications. Designed to be highly portable and easily transported to weigh sites, they can be set up in a matter of minutes. Weight can be displayed on each pad individually or a total of any combination of pads.

Precision Wheel Weigher Systems

Precision Wheel Weigher Systems

Helicopter and Aircraft Load Cell Systems are designed around precision strain gage load cells which fit on top of your aircraft jacks. The entire system is color-coded for easy setup and use, and comes in a convenient high strength plastic roll around storage case. The indicator has a built in back light for day or night use. It will display the weight of each individual load cell or the total of any combination. Reads in pounds or kilograms, it can be used in other applications such as engines, race cars, commercial equipment, forensic investigations, repair stations, etc.