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about us

International Weighing Systems provides state of the art weighing equipment and scales for all your material handling and weighing needs. With over 40 years in scale design and manufacturing, IWS, a registered and certified government contractor, can assess your requirements and devise a custom application to suit the needs of any industry. From aircraft and air freight weighing to counting, price and computing scales to load cells, load pins and sensors (NTEP approved), we have every kind of weighing equipment and scale for every kind of application.


why us

IWS is the inventor of the world renowned ScaleMaster II™. Built specifically for the Sport Fishing Industry, the ScaleMaster II has met all IGFA requirements for accuracy since 1985, comes pre-certified for one year in its own waterproof shockproof carry case, has a 3 year warranty and is compatible for  catch and release fishing.

Please contact us at 800.881.9755 or info@internationalweighingsystems.com to speak with our master scale technicians who can understand your specifications and create a weighing application to suit your needs.