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Dear Friends,
We are collecting used DVDs for the troops over in Iraq.  Since this is basically their only form of entertainment, they are watched and watched until they all know the words by heart.  If you could look thru your collections and part with what you think might interest them, we will send them on to the unit we know stationed in Western Al Anbar Province, @ Haditha Dam, Haditha, Iraq.  They are the Thundering Third, 3/1 Battalion out of Camp Pendleton, CA.
Since mail takes so long to get there, it would be nice to send them as soon as possible or on a continuing basis for their enjoyment.  You can send them to us at our office and if you would like to include a personal note or review of the movie, please feel free to include it.
They will appreciate it tremendously as will we. Take a look at the picture below of some of the guys you will be supporting from H&S Company, Marines from the Thundering Third, many of whom were in the first wave into Iraq and are back for their 2nd and 3rd deployments.
If you wish to forward this on to other family and friends, please do so and thanks.
Best wishes & Semper Fi
The Muccillo Family

Send Used DVDs for our troops to:

International Weighing Systems
9885 Mesa Rim Road, Suite 128,
San Diego, CA 92121