Load Cells and Sensors

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We have every kind of load cell or sensor for every kind of weighing need and applications. A few uses are: for crane scales and tension weighing, suspended tanks, overhead track scales and force measurement equipment. Many more models and specifications are available so call our master scales technician who can put together the appropriate weighing assembly for your particular application.


The Single Point Load Cells are of aluminum alloy construction. They are compatible with other sources and are legal for trade.


The Shear Beam Load Cell is nickel plated tool steel. It is environmentally sealed and is legal for trade.


The Tension / Compression Load Cell ranges from 50 lb to 20,000 lb. It is nickel plated tool steel, is environmentally sealed and is legal for trade.

The Weighing Assemblies are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, suitable for all industrial applications. The supermounts hold welding and dimensional tolerances to perfection.